Gremlins 3 may be a prequel?

Earlier today we shared with you guys the news that director Mick Garris believes there is finally a HOCUS POCUS 2 in the works. Sweet. During the same interview, Garris' co-interviewee, Joe Dante made a few remarks of his own on a classic, long-in-development sequel...

Yes, director Joe Dante dropped some new info on GREMLINS 3, including just what the hell the holdup has been over the past few years, and if the new film may, in fact, be a prequel.

Joe Dante on GREMLINS 3:

...I am not involved with it, I don't control the material, it's reverted back to Chris Columbus who wrote the script for the first movie. They have plans to do something but what Chris wants to do may not be what Warner wants to do and it's not just Warner it's also a lot of other people like Amblin and Steven Spielberg - everyone has to agree on what they want to do and at this point nobody is going to figure that out. 

On the original cast returning:

I think the reuniting of the cast is highly unlikely. 

On GREMLINS 3 being a prequel:

Perhaps a Gremlins prequel might be something they will do but I don't know as I was not asked to be involved.

So yeah, the big thing to take away from this is the original mad genius behind the classic GREMLINS and GREMLINS 2 has not been asked to be a part of GREMLINS 3 at all - which is a damn shame.

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GREMLINS 3 is now in development at Warner Brothers.

Extra Tidbit: I have the coolest pitch for GREMLINS 3. But don't we all.
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