Mick Garris believes a sequel to Hocus Pocus is in development

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I remember watching the Halloween themed, family friendly 1993 film HOCUS POCUS back when it was first released on VHS and enjoying it, but it didn't become a favorite. I watched it a couple times, then left it behind in the '90s. It wasn't until the last few years that started to realize just how popular HOCUS POCUS is to this day. Kids of my generation seem to have latched on to it in a major way, and now they are introducing the film to their kids, creating a whole new generation of fans.

While HOCUS POCUS was only "modestly successful" when it was released, it has gone on to become a pretty big deal. Seeing the enthusiasm there is for the film now, it wouldn't be surprising at all if Disney were to put a sequel into production 25 years later... and that's exactly what Mick Garris (who came up with the story for the original film with David Kirschner and wrote the screenplay with Neil Cuthbert) has heard the company is doing.

Speaking about HOCUS POCUS with Forbes, Garris said, 

It's amazing to be a part of something that has become a perennial. ... it has become an annual thing at the El Capitan on Hollywood Boulevard and the show is sold out. I went there last year and one of the ushers actually recognized me and gave me a tour of the theater. Generation after generation, it's kind of remarkable and fantastic to have something brought to the screen like that and to have it embraced generation after generation. Everybody I meet, it's either their daughters or their own favorite movie and it's incredibly exciting. There have been rumors of a Hocus Pocus sequel for the last 10 years that will not die. I have heard they are developing the script, I haven't been involved in it but I think there will be a sequel. It might be for Disney Channel or Freeform or ABC. I think it will be for television but I hear that it is moving ahead."

Directed by Kenny Ortega, HOCUS POCUS had the following synopsis: 

You're in for a devil of a time when three outlandishly wild witches - Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy - return from 17th century Salem after they are accidentally conjured up by some unsuspecting pranksters! It's a night full of zany fun and comic chaos once the tricky 300-year-old trio sets out to cast a spell on the town and reclaim their youth -- but first they must get their act together and outwit three kids and a talking cat!

Asked whether or not Disney would be bringing Midler, Parker, and Najimy back for the sequel, Garris replied, 

I think they are, yeah, I think they are. If they don't do that I think it would be a big mistake because all three of them are still so incredibly potent and powerful and great performers and who else can recreate those characters?"

Keep in mind that this is currently just hearsay. We'll let you know if some official word comes out on the status of a HOCUS POCUS sequel.

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Source: Forbes



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