Guillermo del Toros Pacific Rim already has a sequel in the works?

Say it ain't so, a sequel announcement before the original's release...'tis a brave new world.

THR has it that a continuation of Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM is already in the works, citing writer Travis Beacham as the source. Beacham (CLASH OF THE TITANS) penned the initial treatment for the mega-monster-movie, due next July, though whether or not he'll do the same for the follow up is unclear. Word is del Toro will supervise the script writing process for PAC RIM 2, and that he may or may not direct. Of course, with dude's ever growing plate (he just committed to directing CRIMSON PEAK yesterday), my guess is he'll simply produce instead.

More concerning to me is the dictation release dates set years in advance have on production. If this continues to become the priority over making well crafted films with well told stories, the death of cinema is closer than we think. If a release date is all a crew is working towards, not good work, we're all in trouble.

We'll see if PACIFIC RIM suffers such a fate July 12th.

Extra Tidbit: You down with these premature sequel announcements?
Source: THR



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