Guillermo del Toro's The Strain adds two more

THE STRAIN has been rolling along at a steady pace for FX lately as they've just added two more to Guillermo del Toro's upcoming vampire series based on the novels he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan. The latest additions to the cast go to TITANIC's Jonathan Hyde and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS' Richard Sammel (above), reports THR.

Hyde will portray the series regular role of Eldritch Palmer, an elderly tycoon who's the third-richest man in the world who has been an invalid since childhood. Though his life-long fight against his frail body, he's developed a relentless drive to attain immortality by any means necessary. Sammel, meanwhile, will play Thomas Eichorst, a mysterious figure from Professor Abraham Setrakian's past whose re-emergence in New York is not a coincidence.

They have yet to cast the role of Setrakian who's by far and large one of the most important pieces to the puzzle so it will be very interesting to see who will bring that character to life. As we previously touched up on, Corey Stoll has landed the leading role, Mia Maestro will be the show's leading lady and Kevin Durand will star along side them in the role of a once-solitary rat exterminator who eagerly joins the war against vampires who have invaded New York.

THE STRAIN is a high-concept thriller that tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Stoll), the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers wage war for the fate of humanity itself.

Extra Tidbit: The cast is really starting to take shape! What do you guys think so far?
Source: THR



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