Hannibal and Hemlock Grove posters are revealed

As a duly designated "horror journalist" (don't roll your eyes), I can't help but notice that television horror seems to be reaching the cultural zeitgeist in a way that scary movies currently aren't. Where the horror movie industry is struggling to find the next big SAW or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY-style wave, the success of DEXTER, THE WALKING DEAD and AMERICAN HORROR STORY is inspiring a whole trend of macabre boob tube projects. Among the most anticipated of these new horror shows is HANNIBAL and HEMLOCK GROVE, two series that have both received teaser posters. 

Of the pair, HEMLOCK GROVE is easily the better poster. It encompasses the TWIN PEAKS-y mystery of Brian McGreevy's novel and seems to suggest we may be in for some werewolf action. Unless the twist involves a werewolf's disembodied hand as the villain, which would certainly distinguish the Netflix series from the competition. Hey, Eli Roth (pictured above) is producing it, so anything is possible. 

HANNIBAL is much less impressive. The cutesy, door frame design feels like a USA network marketing move rather than one from NBC. Also, the fact that the poster sports head shots of its main actors gives it a real slapped together feel. It's a shame, too, as Thomas Harris adaptations are widely known for sporting uniformly elegant poster artwork.

No air dates have yet been announced for each series. Take a gander at the posters below and check back with us for further TV horror updates. 

Extra Tidbit: I think you know what I mean when I say Famke Janssen (above) brings out the disembodied werewolf hand inside of me. Yeah, that metaphor makes perfect sense...
Source: STYD



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