Happy Halloween! Bad Moon commentary with Eric Red and Michael Pare hosted by John Fallon!

Hey all! I hope that you've been enjoying all of the Halloween goodies we've been shot-gunning your way on AITH this month! And now here's the cherry on top! As promised; an AUDIO COMMENTARY for ERIC RED'S 1996 werewolf classic BAD MOON with ERIC RED and MICHAEL PARE talking woflman-shop with yours truly hosting (if you want to call it that)!  So how do join us in the experience? Simple as pumpkin pie! Slap your copy of BAD MOON in your player (or get it on Instant Watch here), and the moment you see the WARNER BROTHERS LOGO appear press PLAY on the MP3 (which you can download below) and tag along for quite the trip down memory lane!

Download or play the audio commentary here!

I gotta say it, I am very happy as to how this turned out. Not only is the commentary mucho imformative with both Red and Pare really giving us all kinds of meaty behind the scenes info as to the making of the film, it's also really hang back and with little to no dead time at that! Like Mr Red said "It's a fun and pretty irreverent commentary. We definitely talked some shite that ain't gonna be on the family friendly Blu Ray Special Features someday. Good times!" So there you have it! A big thank you to Eric Red and Michael Pare for doing this - being a fan of the film, I had as much behind part of the conversation as I did listening to it!




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