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The Arrow interviews Cecile De France

High Tension was my favorite film of last year and it's FINALLY getting its North American release this Friday, June 10 2005. One of the film's many strengths was the stellar performance by French cutie Cecile De France (who actually went on to be my Mistress of 2004). Raw and credible, Cecile blew me away and I became an instant fan. So it was with great delight that I spoke with Cecile over the phone about her High Tension experience and here's what she had to say....in her very cute French accent...

Are you a horror fan by nature?

I prefer thrillers but when it’s thriller/horror I like it. The gore is not very important to me, I prefer suspense. But I like dark films.

Name me one of your favorite dark films?

My favorite is The Hitcher.

Nice! That’s my favorite film too!

It’s great!

I agree! So what was it about the High Tension screenplay that got your interest when you read it?

It was a very good script, I devoured it, and I got really scared. I read it like a good book that you never want to end because it gives you real thrills. After I read it, I called Alexandre Aja the director and I said “Okay, I’ll do it”.

So you didn’t have to audition or anything?

No he asked me directly.

Groovy! So throughout the shoot, you had to go to very dark and ugly places, was it hard on you as a person?

Yes because it was low budget film. The shoot was only at night and in the cold. We were shooting in Romania, because it’s cheaper, we knew that the conditions would be hard. So I prepared myself with physical training for two reasons, because we knew it would be hard so Alexandre wanted me to develop my stamina. And also for the character’s look. We wanted my face to be more angular to emphasize the dark parts of Marie’s mind.

During the shoot did you have a hard time to let go of the part emotionally?

No, it’s very funny. When you’re doing these kinds of films, on the set you laugh a lot because you go out of your trailer and you are covered in blood, scars. So you’re smoking a cigarette and drinking your coffee while being drenched in blood. It’s funny! I killed a lot of time with makeup artist Giannetto De Rossi (who did everything practical), looking at how he did the scars. I observed him a lot. It was very interesting for me to see this art being applied.

What would you say was your most physically demanding scene to do?

In the green house Philippe Nahon put his finger in my mouth and then I let out a scream, I don’t know where it came from but for me, it was the climax of the battle with evil. It was so exciting to play this kind of scene. I never played a role that was so violent and I liked to work more with my body than with my head. I’m from the theater, and there I looked for my character with my body. In this film there isn’t a lot of dialogue, so I did the same thing.

So if there would be a High Tension sequel and they asked you to do it, would you accept?

I don’t know. I’d have to read the script.

But if the screenplay is good you would consider it?

I don’t know because I think this film is a conjunction of many things. It was a low budget film, it was with Giannetto De Rossi, Alexander was very young and I was very excited, because I was starting to work. It’s a conjecture of many things. If we do a sequel, it would be too far away from that nature.

It wouldn’t be the same thing.

No, it would be with more money, maybe not with the same people, it wouldn’t be the same. The film has its identity because it had all those elements to it and it was made in a rock and roll type of way for two months in very rough work conditions. So if we’d do it, it wouldn’t be the same conditions or the same result.

In what films will we see you next?

I’ll be in Cedric Kalpisch’s The Russian Dolls which is coming out on the 15 of June in Europe.

Last question, what was the first drink that you downed at the High Tension Wrap party?

We were in Romany so I drank some Vodka!

LOL! I’m done! Thanks for your time Cecile

Thank you!

I'd like to thank Cecile for taking the time chat with me and for the bang on show that was her stint in High Tension. This one is a must see guys! Htt them movie theaters on Friday! You won't regret it!



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