International trailer for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

It was more than a year ago when we shared the sales trailer for the upcoming CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO with you, and in the time since that article we haven't heard much of anything on the flick. That changes today as we now have an international trailer for the Kaare Andrews-helmed gorefest, which you can peep below.

Lydia Hearst, Sean Astin, Brano Eaton, Ryan Donowho and Mitch Ryan star in the film about...

When friends start to show symptoms of a mysterious flesh eating disease in the Caribbean, the countdown is on to solve the mystery and find help. A mysterious and surprisingly unaffected stranger may hold the clue to escape… or may be the cause of their ultimate demise.

No word yet as to when the film will be hitting theaters in North America, but we'll keep you posted. Until then, enjoy this international trailer below. Unfortunately there aren't any subtitles, but you'll understand what's going on.

Extra Tidbit: Do you have any interest in seeing another CABIN FEVER flick?



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