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The thriller HOMECOMING will see a limited limited theatrical release on July 17, 2009. The flick stars Misha Barton, Jessica Stroup and Matt Long and word has it that its pretty good. Now director MORGAN J FREEMAN recently dropped by the AITH outhouse to give us the 411 on his latest "bitch goes psycho" jamboree and here's what he spat our way.


What was it about the Homecoming screenplay that made you say: “I have to do this” when you read it?

I'm a huge fan of Misery and this read as a smart update on the classic thriller, but for a new teen audience.

You had a solid cast on your hands: Misha Barton, Jessica Stroup and matt long. how was the auditioning process for this one? easy money or an arduous process?

Easy money.

With American Psycho 2 under your belt, this is your second stab at the “psycho girl let loose” subgenre. what is it about the themes that come with it that keeps you coming back?

Very good question. but I'm going to need a few more years in therapy before answering.

The crazy ex girlfriend subgenre has been done to death; what did you want to bring to the game to have your film stand out from the rest?

I was very interested in the idea of pushing the jilted high school ex to the obsessive Fatal Attraction level. everybody has their first high school love and many have probably fantasized wicked methods for revenge -- Shelby just happens to actually act on hers. i found this a fresh take on an old twist.

Homecoming Trailer!

Homecoming was a much more classically shot film than say American Psycho 2. what were you going for visually with this one?

Reality. I worked closely with DP Stephen Kazmiersky and prod designer Mark White to create a world grounded in reality. we wanted the farmhouse to reek of authenticity so that our insane premise could conceivably really happen.

What was the most challenging aspect of this particular production? How did you overcome it?

20 day shoot schedule and freezing weather. Prayed and inserted foot warmers in my boots.

The film was fairly tame in terms of violence and sexuality; was that a conscious decision on your part? why did you decide to take that path?

We went for the "less is more" motto on this. by letting the true horror happen just off-screen or just after we cutaway, we allowed for the film to thrill more than shock. It is a thriller, not a horror film.

Homecoming killer clip!

Your next genre film will be the cold. what can you tell us about it? where is it at right now? when do you start shooting?

The cold is set for this winter. it's a psychological thriller set in the woods when a hunting trip goes awry. the hunters become the hunted. think "Deer Hunter" meets "Deliverance" with a twist of "Predator."

Any other genre projects in the pipeline we should know about?

My series "16 and pregnant" is currently airing on MTV Thursday nights at 10pm. and I'm currently writing a personal script about my darker days set in Echo Park. it's like "Training Day" in reverse.

If Homecoming does well; would you be interested in tackling a Homecoming part 2?

Yes, but I'd demand 21 days to shoot!


Source: AITH

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