INT: Rachael Taylor

When the guys at JoBlo.com/AITH asked if I could attend the SHUTTER junket, where I would be chatting with Rachael Taylor, the hot blonde, Aussie, computer chick from TRANSFORMERS, well it took me about 2.7 seconds to say okay; even though I’d never done anything like that before.

Luckily, Rachael is super-sweet and she instantly put me at ease when we sat down at the Pantages Theater to discuss the film, along with her thoughts on ghosts and the differences between working with Michael Bay and Masayuki Ochiai. She also gave me a little preview on a film that was very well received at Sundance called BOTTLE SHOCK, about the Napa Valley wine industry in the 70’s, a region and era that I grew up in. Check Rachael out in SHUTTER this Friday.

Source: AITHJoBlo.com

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