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Got a chance to machine gun a couple of questions German Director, Uwe Boll's way about his upcoming, hot vamp chick (Played by Kristanna Loken) kicking ass opus;  BLOODRAYNE (hitting the US screens on January 6 2006 and the Canuck screens in February). And here's what Mr. Boll fired back at me with his Magnum. Let the showdown begin!

What was it about the BloodRayne property that made you think it would make for a commercially viable film?


I loved the character and the fact that she suffers - if she gets no blood.


Now that you’ve wrapped the film, did Kristanna Loken pull off the role physically and emotionally in your opinion?


Absolutely. She is really strong 


How different is BloodRayne visually when compared to your other films? What were you going for?


It is dark like all my movies - but also very serious -  a real tragedy


Was the screenplay by Guinevere Turner altered or changed much during the shoot?


Minimal - based on locations etc.


Who edited the film and how present were you during the process?


David Richardson (he cut all my movies , only ALONE IN THE DARK had another editor) - I was there the whole time


How gory and sexy will the theatrical cut be?


Very very hard. An edgy R


Will there be a Director’s Cut on DVD? If so what can we expect  from it?


Yes - we will have an NC 17 version with 25 more gore effects


I once read a quote from you saying “I will never do a film with Nazis in it”; was that one of the reasons as to why Nazis were absent from the movie?


That quote was not from me. There a too many Uwe Bolls on the net....But we wanted to tell the BLOODRAYNE roots here, the prequel - to explain where she came from


If a sequel would happen, would you consider doing it with Nazis as BloodRayne’s foes?


Absolutely - but only in part 3. Part 2 is in the WILD WEST


What’s the status of Dungeon Siege (In the Name of the King); will it still be released in two parts? When can we expect it in North America?


One 145 minutes Movie  and a 180 Minutes DVD version. DECEMBER 1 - 2006


Is it safe to say that HUNTER THE RECKONING will be your next film?


No. We just made the decision; FAR CRY, POSTAL  and my horror movie SEED are the next ones.


Do you think that the recent change in the German fund structure will affect your career as a Producer/Director one way or another?


Who knows - right now we have money for 5 more movies.   Hollywood needs product now where a lot of the German funds are dead.  I survived everything so far.


What’s Uwe Boll gonna do for X-Mas?


Family and Friends visiting!

Thanks to Uwe for dropping by the site!

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