Is Dwayne Johnson headed for Terminator 5?

Okay so it looks like Skynet might have their eyes on Dwayne Johnson — things could get interesting folks!

A source close to WWE Examiner says that the reason Johnson might miss out on WrestleMania 30 next April has to do with his possible involvement with the upcoming TERMINATOR 5. They also state that one version of the script is being produced specifically with Johnson in mind. No word on what his role would actually be but it would be safe to assume it would involve lots of ass kicking and skull crushing. All of this does actually make sense if you think about it. Dwayne Johnson and TERMINATOR are a match made in heaven. We here at AITH would love to see The Rock fight Arnold Schwarzenegger in a TERMINATOR film so please make it happen!

Just recently the TERMINATOR himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, spoke on the upcoming film who confirmed that the film starts shooting in January 2014. We'll keep you folks posted as things move along!

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys think Dwayne Johnson would be a good fit in the TERMINATOR universe?
Source: Examiner



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