Is Tim Burton directing Beetlejuice 2?

We've known with certainty for about two years now that there is no escaping BEETLEJUICE 2. Seth Grahame-Smith and his partner David Katzenberg have penned the screenplay, and it appears that Michael Keaton will indeed be back as the ghost with the most. But the director's chair has remained empty since throughout all this chatter, although for most of us it's hard to picture anyone besides Tim Burton taking the reins. So is he in or out?

Burton indicated that he was interested in helming the film back in January of last year, so his connection with the sequel has never been in doubt, but now website "Schmoes Know" has heard from a VERY RELIABLE source that Burton is shifting his schedule around in order to direct the sequel. (He's been previously linked to Fox's "Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.")

Take this with a grain of salt, naturally: Anyone with a laptop out there can speculate with confidence that Burton will be orchestrating Beetlejuice's antics once again. But these guys are swearing by their source, so we very well may be seeing Burton return to his roots in the near future.

Source: Schmoes Know



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