Jamie Lee Curtis' Virus hits Blu-ray this May with a ton of special features

Jamie Lee Curtis once had the following to say about Virus:

That would be the all time piece of shit...It's just dreadful... That's the only good reason to be in bad movies. Then when your friends have [bad] movies you can say 'Ahhhh, I've got the best one.' I'm bringing Virus."

Really, Jamie? How about Christmas with the Kranks, Freaky Friday, Halloween: Resurrection, or Drowning Mona... No? None of those? Okay, to each his/her own.

To break it down; not only does JLC (JLC? Is that a thing? Can we make it a thing?) think VIRUS is the worst film she has ever made, she believes VIRUS is worse than all of the bad films all of her friends have ever made.

And that makes sense.

While I don't hate VIRUS, or agree it is the "worst. film. ever.", that does not mean it's good. Like at all. That said, the film sports some awesome ideas, designs, and SFX. Chalk this up to one of those flicks that you WISH was good, but... Nah. Still a pile on sh*t at seas.

However, I wouldn't mind having some of these special features, which are coming to us courtesy of Shout! Factory:

NEW Eye Of The Storm – An Interview With Director John Bruno
 NEW Science & Fiction – An Interview With Writer Dennis Feldman
 NEW Into The Woods – An Interview With Actor Marshall Bell
 NEW Men, Monsters And Machines: The Special Effects Of VIRUS Featuring Interviews With Robotics Effects Designers Steve Johnson And Eric Allard, Special Makeup Effects Artist Joel Harlow And Special Makeup Effects Supervisor: Second Unit Vincent J. Guastini
 NEW Audio Commentary With Director John Bruno And Writer Dennis Feldman
 Audio Commentary With Director John Bruno And Actor Marshall Bell
 Vintage featurette – Virus: Ghost In The Machine
 Vintage Featurette – Interviews With Cast And Crew
 Deleted Scenes
 Theatrical Trailer
 Still Gallery

VIRUS synopsis via Shout! Factory:

Jamie Lee Curtis faces a new, unstoppable terror in this sci-fi thriller from the producer of Aliens, Terminator 2, and Tremors.

Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, Scream Queens) plays the navigator of a tugboat crew which loses its cargo during a hurricane. In the calm eye of the storm, they come across a Russian research ship floating dead in the water. Boarding the vessel, they initially believe it to be deserted… but they soon realize they're not alone. First, they discover a terrified survivor (Joanna Pacula), and then they find that the ship has been taken over by a ruthless alien intelligence. Now, the small band must fight for their lives against an entity that has come to claim Earth for its own, and creates bio-mechanical monstrosities with one goal: eliminating the virus called humans.

Donald Sutherland (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and William Baldwin (Backdraft) also star in a film directed by special visual effects master John Bruno (Avatar, True Lies).

The most interesting thing about the massive flop VIRUS is how much faith Univeral had in the project. A line of action figures were developed, a tie-in game was released on PlayStation, and the original comics the film was based on were re-released as a graphic novel - all to promote the flick. Crazy.

You can peep pics below, and pre-order you copy of VIRUS RIGHT HERE.

Jamie Lee Curtis looks 80s-as-f*ck in this pic.
Extra Tidbit: VIRUS boasted a budget of $75 million
Source: Shout Factory



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