John Carpenter might do the score for the new Halloween

John Carpenter Halloween Blumhouse

Blumhouse's upcoming HALLOWEEN sequel is still buried in pre-production, so all is quiet on the Haddonfield front. Although both Mike Flanagan and Adam Wingard have been rumored to be in talks to direct, nothing solid has come from either claim. One thing we do know, however, is that this film will be produced by John Carpenter, making this the first project with his involvement since 1982's HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH.

But there's another thing he might do. No, not direct. But in a recent interview with ScreenDaily, he admitted that he might do the score for the new film. In typically laconic fashion, all he said was "maybe I’ll do the music,” but it's a start! Having a new John Carpenter score would certainly be a boost to the film, especially now that he's actually getting a music career going, touring and releasing albums.

He's pretty much made the shift completely from director to musician. Commenting on his directorial drought, he said “I had to stop. I had no life. It (filmmaking) is so stressful." It's a shame we won't be seeing more movies from the master of horror, but what he's doing right now is so damn fantastic it's hard to really complain. Here's to hoping he follows through on that new score!

Extra Tidbit: If John Carpenter doesn't do the score, who would you want to do it?
Source: ScreenDaily



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