Julian Terry's short film Whisper to become an Amblin feature

Whisper Julian Terry

A couple months ago, it was announced that Legendary Entertainment and The Picture Company were turning director Julian Terry's 8 minute "proof of concept" short THEY HEAR IT into a film that Terry would make his feature directorial debut on, with IT FOLLOWS' David Robert Mitchell writing the screenplay. Now another Terry short is set to become a feature.

Terry is finalizing a deal with Amblin Partners to direct a feature expansion of his short film WHISPER, in which

household tech devices are used as a gateway for a supernatural entity that has scores to settle. 

The short was only 2 minutes long, but Terry is looking to turn it into a movie that has "a POLTERGEIST feel", making Amblin the perfect home for it.

The film will be produced by Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman of The Picture Company. Amblin and The Picture Company are also working together to turn director Jacob Chase's short LARRY into a feature. Chase will serve as an executive producer on WHISPER.

Bryce James McGuire is writing the screenplay. He recently made a short-to-feature deal of his own, as New Line Cinema and James Wan have acquired the rights to make a film based on his 4 minute short NIGHT SWIM, which he wrote and co-directed with Rod Blackhurst.

Shorts are really looking like the best way to break into the horror industry these days.

The short version of WHISPER can be seen below.

Source: Deadline



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