Kingsman's Sofia Boutella might become our female mummy

Unwrapping the part of the titular monster in Universal's upcoming reboot of THE MUMMY has been a long and arduous process. After rumors of Tom Cruise being in the running were scrapped, the part was once again plunged into darkness. However, word from the trenches reveals that initial theories about a gender-reversed mummy may come to fruition.

Currently in talks to play the rotting female is KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE's Sofia Boutella, who previously portrayed the memorable role of the razor-legged gazelle. An Algerian dancer, Boutella has appeared in films like STREETDANCE 2 and something called DANCE CHALLENGE (which also featured "Mallrats" theme writer Soda Pop).

KINGSMAN was her first big acting role, and it landed her a slot in Justin Lin's STAR TREK BEYOND. Really, out of everyone that has been bandied about for the role, she might just be the best option. She's fresh talent, she's bad-ass, and she might just make this exhausting Universal Monsters shared universe a little bit bearable.

Set in the modern day, THE MUMMY is being written by Jon Spaihts (PROMETHEUS) with Alex Kurtzman directing. It's set to be resurrected on March 24, 2017. More on this story as it unravels!

Extra Tidbit: Is anybody still interested in the Universal reboots after DRACULA UNTOLD?



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