Universal may give a gender reversal to the Mummy in 2017

As Universal pumps new life into a planned series of monster-movies, the old bandage-swaddled Mummy might look a little different upon resurrection...

According to THR, director Alex Kurtzman and writer John Spaihts are considering giving THE MUMMY a female makeover. That is, there will be a wide open casting call whereby the best actor - regardless of gender - will win the role. If indeed female, a unique backstory will be written to accommodate the change.

Here's what the trade had to say:

The gender of the monster in the new film, which is set in the modern day, likely will depend on casting, expected to happen in the next couple of months. There are two story options — one that would feature a female monster, and one that would feature a male.

Either way, I'm definitely down. I just clocked THE MONSTER SQUAD two nights ago, so I'm pining for all things classic Universal monsters. A female spin on THE MUMMY could be just what the stale old dust-bag needs.

THE MUMMY returns to the big-screen March 24, 2017.

She'll Do!

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Source: THR



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