Is Tom Cruise our mummy?

UPDATE: According to Deadline, Tom Cruise is not currently in negotiations for THE MUMMY due to his commitments to JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6. Clearly he loves franchises, but just not the Universal monsters.

Universal's plan to reboot their classic monsters isn't exactly coming hot out of the gate. I, FRANKENSTEIN flopped like a fish, DRACULA UNTOLD should have stayed that way, and the other monsters have been scrambling to pick up the slack, the upcoming reboot of THE MUMMY included.

Between rumors of a gender reversal, a scrapped script, and a scrambled release date, THE MUMMY has had some troubles. The latest news rumbling is that no less a star than Tom Cruise is being approached to star in the film. As much as his personality has been cast into doubt by many an Internet commenter, the man is a movie star and could be an excellent addition to the film.

Of course the worry would be that, if he were to play the Mummy itself, the character wouldn't be remotely terrifying because the studios would push to show his handsome face in every other frame. But maybe they're hoping to put him in a Brendan Fraser-esque role across from the creature. And, as much as it's painful to sexify the classic monsters, let's never forget that in the original film, the Mummy did actually look like a human being. It's really up to producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan which approach they choose to take.

Set in the modern day, THE MUMMY is being written by Jon Spaihts (PROMETHEUS) with Kurtzman directing. More on this story as it unravels!

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Cruise could take on the Mummy role?
Source: Variety



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