Lionsgate’s TikTok Livestream of Strangers characters gets shut down for being too disturbing

The Strangers stalk neighborhoods once again in Renny Harlin’s new movie and the studio would attempt to do some viral marketing.

The Strangers: Chapter 1 Horror Preview

Movie promotion can get more creative these days with the use of social media. Sometimes, staged moments in public also enhance the “viral” intention. Years ago, stories made the rounds of creepy clown sightings spotted in neighborhood areas, complete with haunting pictures of said clowns standing eerily still. The sensation coincidentally would do wonders for the release of the It films, and similar viral marketing was attempted with the Ghostface killer for the new Scream movies. Low and behold, The Strangers – Chapter 1 is about to be released by Lionsgate and the movie is all about property invasion by mysteriously scary figures.

The new film from Renny Harlin is getting in on the action as costumed killer characters were seen at Coachella as well as creepy viral footage of these characters appearing on Ring cameras as they stalk on doorsteps. People Magazine has now reported that Lionsgate would attempt to reach audiences with a TikTok livestream in an effort to promote The Strangers – Chapter 1. However, the account would get temporarily banned from the social media app for being too disturbing. As the livestream shut down, the app alerted viewers that it was ended due to violations of “dangerous activities and challenges.” At one point, there was a particularly creepy moment when a mysterious masked figure was seen holding up a sign that read, “Is Tamara Here?” A viewer took to the comment section to exclaim, “STOP I DONT LIKE THIS.”

Once the livestream was ended, an alert from TikTok would state, “We do not allow showing or promoting dangerous activities and challenges. This includes dares, games, tricks, inappropriate use of dangerous tools, eating substances that are harmful to one’s health, or similar activities that may lead to significant physical harm.”

JoBlo would have the opportunity to meet the cast and director of The Strangers – Chapter 1 as our own Tyler Nichols got to stalk the red carpet. He posted, “At the red carpet premiere of @thestrangersfilm where our own @zombievictim chatted with @madelame @rennyharlin @sarafreedland @thebrookelenajohnson and more! Stay tuned to @joblomovienetwork for more! #thestrangers #thestrangerschapter1”

Source: People

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