Lakeshore Records to release a new score for Night of the Living Dead

George A. Romero Night of the Living Dead

When George A. Romero was putting together his 1968 classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the score he laid over the film was assembled from pre-existing library tracks. Although it wasn't composed specifically for the movie, that music did give NIGHT an iconic sound, and the film took ownership of the music in a way. Tracks featured in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD show up in other movies, but when they do, even if that movie is older than NIGHT, it is recognized as being "the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD music".

Since NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD didn't have an original score, over the years composers have challenged themselves to come up with original music for the movie. One of these rescores was even featured on an official release of the film - the 30th anniversary release that was overseen by NIGHT co-creator John Russo had a new score composed by Scott Vladimir Licina.

Tomorrow, October 14th, Lakeshore Records will be releasing another attempt at rescoring NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. From composer OGRE and producer Dallas Campbell, Night of the Living Dead: Rescore will be made available exclusively through Bandcamp, with more digital options to follow on the 21st. The rescored version of the film will then be streaming on the Lakeshore YouTube account on October 28th.

The full track list of the rescore can be seen below, and you can also listen to the "Graveside" track:

Night Of The Living Dead (Original Motion Picture Rescore)
by OGRE & Dallas Campbell

01 Opening Credits
02 Cemetery
03 Graveside
04 The House
05 Ben
06 Don’t look at it
07 Music Box
08 There Were No More Screams
09 Murder Happy Characters
10 Dwellers
11 Windows
12 The Boss Up Here
13 Barbara
14 High Levels Of Radiation
15 Dubious Comforts
16 We’ve Got To Do Something
17 The Truck
18 Those Things
19 Johnny Has The Keys
20 Kill The Brain
21 Haven’t You Had Enough?
22 The Basement
23 Morning
24 End Credits
25 Opening Credits – Alternate Cue
26 Cemetery A – Alternate Cue
27 Cemetery B – Alternate Cue
28 House – Alternate Cue
29 Don’t Look At It – Alternate Cue
30 Windows – Alternate Cue
31 We’ve Got To Do Something – Alternate Cue

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Source: B-DFilmMusicDaily



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