Laura Ramsey lands the lead in NBC's The Sixth Gun

Last month we shared the news that the supernatural graphic novel THE SIXTH GUN was on its way to making the transition to television, thanks to NBC and producer Carlton Cuse, who is running the show on A&E's "Bates Motel" and used to help call the shots on "Lost." Today we learned that the pilot had found its lead in actress Laura Ramsey, who is best known to genre fans from her turn as Stacy in 2008's THE RUINS.

Written by Ryan Condal, directed by Jeffrey Reiner and produced by Uni TV,

THE SIXTH GUN is a supernatural Western which follows the story of six mythical guns, each with its own other-worldly powers. When the Sixth Gun, the most powerful and dangerous of the group, resurfaces in the hands of an innocent girl, a farmer’s daughter named Becky Montcrief (Ramsey), dark forces reawaken. Vile men, long thought dead, set their sights on retrieving the gun and killing Becky.

NBC has been doing their best to embrace genre fans, delivering shows such as GRIMM and the upcoming HANNIBAL series to us, so I'm hoping that the executives at the network give the show a shot at being a success. It's an intriguing premise and if handled correctly could make for an entertaining program. Let's keep our fingers crossed for this one.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever read any of THE SIXTH GUN series? Think it will translate well to TV?
Source: Deadline



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