Mac Carter's horror flick Haunt attracts veteran actress Jackie Weaver

And the HAUNT keeps on coming...

Two days ago a new horror movie called HAUNT came to light, as Aussie actor Harrison Gilbertson won a leading role in the Mac Carter film. Well, little time's been wasted finding some support...

According to THR, veteran actress Jackie Weaver (STOKER, seen right) has signed on to appear in HAUNT. Weaver will play a former resident of the house who has suffered a terrible family tragedy.

Scripted by Andrew Barrer - HAUNT focuses on:

A family that moves into a home with a dark past. Harrison Gilbertson’s Ethan character is an introverted teen that makes friends with his new neighbor. As the duo becomes romantically involved, they also begin to explore the haunted house Ethan’s family has unknowingly just moved into and discover a terrifying alternative dimension.

HAUNT enters production in Utah next month.

Liana Liberato also stars in HAUNT

Extra Tidbit: Weaver's first movie was something called STORK in 1971.
Source: THR



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