Mama's Andres Muschietti to helm apocalyptic thriller Bird Box

Andres Muschietti, who directed the surprise horror hit MAMA, is in negotiations to helm the adaptation of the upcoming novel BIRD BOX for Universal, according to Heat Vision. BIRD BOX is an apocalyptic thriller written by Josh Malerman, frontman for the rock group The High Strung, and is set to be published in 2014 by Ecco, a HarperCollins imprint, who bought the North American rights to the story for six figures back in August.

The film, which would be produced by Scott Stuber, Chris Morgan and Barbara Muschietti, centers on...

“a blindfolded threesome comprised of a woman and two children who make their way down a river in a seemingly postapocalyptic setting.”

Sources have described the novel as being in the vein of CHILDREN OF MEN and THE OTHERS.

A sci-fi movie with apocalyptic themes crossed with a supernatural drama? This certianly sounds intriguing!

A search for a writer to adapt the novel is now underway.

Muschietti’s MAMA was a big hit for Universal, set to surpass $100 million in worldwide box office, with $70 million of that coming from domestic audiences. The film was made on a budget of $15 million, and starred Jessica Chastain.

Extra Tidbit: Does BIRD BOX sound like the kind of film that you'd be interested in?
Source: Heat Vision



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