Millennium Entertainment will distribute Rodrigo Cortes' Red Lights

Premiering at Sundance was Rodrigo Cortes’s RED LIGHTS; it was met with mixed reviews (our man at the event Chris Bumbray gave it a positive review, check that here). However that hasn’t stopped Millennium Films from snapping up the rights to the paranormal thriller.

The CEO of the company Bill Lee had the following to say on their latest acquisition: “We are thrilled with 'Red Lights' and excited to distribute the film. This definitely has theatrical potential and we plan to give it a standard theatrical platform release, with ancillaries coming 90-100 days later. We came to Sundance with the intention of buying 'Red Lights' if it was good, and we thought Rodrigo did a fabulous job with the film. UTA was terrific to deal with, and we're both thrilled and proud to distribute the film.”

We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for an official release date announcement.

In the film, De Niro stars as Simon Silver, a legendary psychic, perhaps the most famously gifted of all time, who returns after thirty years of mysterious absence to become the world's greatest challenge to orthodox science and professional skeptics.

Meanwhile, paranormal fraud investigator Tom (Murphy) begins to develop a dense obsession Silver, whose magnetism is enhanced dangerously with each new manifestation of inexplicable phenomena.

It definitely seems like something I’d dig, plus it has a great cast including Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Robert DeNiro and Elizabeth Olsen (below). Director Rodrigo Cortes’ previously directed BURIED, a film I have not yet had the chance to check out.

Extra Tidbit: If you want to check out a great genre film with Cillian Murphy, look out for THE RETREAT!
Source: Variety



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