New Halloween starts shooting this fall!

Okay, I'm going to come right out and admit that I missed this bit of info in the post I made yesterday about the new Michael Myers not being immortal and not having a sister (meaning Laurie, not, you know, like, the one he kills at the beginning of the original, just to clear that up). Just plain old missed this bit of info. My error. Shite happens.

Anyhow as it turns out when Danny McBride was on The Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show the other day he also dropped a pretty cool new bit of info regarding when the new flick is set to go into full-scale production. Turns out, HALLOWEEN will begin shooting the fall!

Danny McBride on HALLOWEEN:

"We've been cracking away on that. We're gonna shoot it this fall."

Nice! Dare I say fall is the perfect time to shot a HALLOWEEN movie! Duh. But all the same, sh*t the original HALLOWEEN wasn't shot during the fall season, remember? During the making of the original, they had to walk around like assh*les with trash bags full of leaves, sprinkling them about like some kind of Halloween/Fall fairies.

Anyhow, all jokes aside, this is great news as the closer the film gets to shooting, the less and less likely it becomes that the plug gets pulled on the whole thing. Damn. Too much? Hope you're not superstitious...

But, really, after Marcus Dunstan's HALLOWEEN RETURNS got the shaft and FRIDAY THE 13TH has become all but a game of 'f*ck em' over at Paramount, I cannot help but be a bit worried this new film may meet a similar fate.

But enough of that kind of talk! McBride & Green's new HALLOWEEN hits October 19, 2018.

Laurie Strode wardrobe malfunction.

Extra Tidbit: HALLOWEEN RETURNS is a good title. Maybe they'll still use it.
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