New 3-hour Nightbreed cut in the works

As most of you know by this point in time, there is a TV series headed our way based on Clive Barker's 1990 film NIGHTBREED (which was based on his novella Cabal). Barker has been developing this new series along with screenwriter Josh Stolberg and the show is set up at Syfy. He recently updated fans on the progress of the series saying during a recent interview:

Nightbreed is also moving forward at quite a rate with a couple of very well-known directors showing a great deal of interest in it. I am on board to provide mythologies and ideas and hopefully put the Barkerian weirdness on the material. At the moment, we're putting the team together: we have a writer, director, producers and now that the New Year has begun we'll all get together and start to plan the long-term narrative, not just the opening narrative which is what we've done so far. I have the sense that, if all the things that I've been promised come true, there is a real passion for matching the tone of both the book and the film.


But some of you may have forgotten that there is also a new cut of Barker's original film heading our way as well. And speaking of which, today we have word that it turns out this new cut is going to be even more substantial then we originally thought as the current cut of the film is running a whopping THREE HOURS. To break down the nuts and bolts of the math on what this exactly means, this new cut will be more than a half hour longer than the Cabal Cut we got via Seraphim a few years back, and an hour - yep, a full hour - longer than the Director's Cut.

This update comes to us from CabalCut over on Twitter who has been posting tons of gorgeous screenshots from the upcoming cut. This fresh footage is said to be from newly discovered VHS dailies (holy shite) but this much? Sounds like they're pulling from another source as well. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see. There's still no telling when this new cut will be released and/or just how damn long it will be when all is said and done. But that said, we will make sure to keep you guys up to date on anything we hear. The peeps behind the scenes are still cutting away at this new version so hopefully, we'll have more updates as it goes on. Until then, make sure to follow CabalCut (@nbcabalcut) on Twitter for all kinds of cool updates.

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