Next Ghostbusters film could see the two teams go worldwide

Like many of you out there, I am a big fan of Ivan Reitman's original GHOSTBUSTERS flick. Hell, I even enjoy the hell out of GHOSTBUSTERS 2 ("It's Vigo!"). I wasn't a huge fan of the all-female reboot released a few years ago, but it had enough charm - Kristen Wiig is amazing - to not be a total waste of time by any means. 

Yesterday was "Ghostbusters Day" aka the anniversary of when the flick was first released way back in 1984 - the year a certain AITH news editor was born - and director Ivan Reitman and star Ernie Hudson joined forces for a LIVE interview with Super Live News on Facebook to talk all things ghosts and busting.

One of the coolest parts of the interview was when Reitman talked about the future of the franchise. Turns out they are still developing another GHOSTBUSTERS flick, and Reitman has a few cool ideas on how the next film in the potentially endless and awesome franchise could go.

Ivan Reitman on connecting the two GHOSTBUSTERS worlds:

We’re doing a lot of work about where do we go next with Ghostbusters. I think one thing that fans have clearly wanted, and so did I, that somehow we tie the worlds together. I think it was a little awkward that it wasn’t connected, and we certainly heard a lot from everybody out there. So I would definitely want to connect to all of that.

Reitman on GHOSTBUSTERS world-wide:

What we’ve been doing a lot of is thinking about the franchise rights for Ghostbusters. Because Ghostbusters, that idea doesn’t have to just take place in New York, it can happen over the world. I think it would be really cool to see Korean ghosts or Chinese ghosts. All those great traditions in the world have all these tales and things those people are afraid of. To have a sort of local group of Ghostbusters that tie with the head office in New York would be fun.

So it seems the plan is to connect the original series and the rebooted film into one world, which sounds good to me. Ditch Melissa McCarthy, keep Wig and the blonde one who sings about sandwiches, add in the original "Busters" still living (RIP Harold Ramis) and call it a flick!

I also dig the idea of taking GHOSTBUSTERS international. That sounds like the best bet as the New York setting had been tapped out and I'd love to see ghosts haunting the hell out of such places as Paris, Tokyo, and (can you imagine) Germany. 

All in all I'm down with ANY new GHOSTBUSTERS film so hopefully, they get on it asap.

You can check out the full LIVE interview below and then let us know what you think of Reitman's idea of combining the two versions of GHOSTBUSTERS on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram!

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the GHOSTBUSTERS reboot?
Source: Super News Live



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