Nicolas Winding Refn making a futuristic sequel to Valhalla Rising?!

Nicolas Winding Refn never fails to confound, and that's part of the reason why we love him. Dude always has an ambitious plan in his pocket, whether it makes logical sense or not. For example: Refn is in the very early stages of getting a VALHALLA RISING sequel underway. Wouldn't make sense to just do a proper sequel though; this one might take place in a futuristic Tokyo.

You read that right, but if you're hoping for any further elaboration, you're going to be disappointed. But it remains true that the director alluded to the possibility in an interview with Indiewire at the North American premiere of his latest film, ONLY GOD FORGIVES. Evidently, Refn and VALHALLA star Mads Mikkelsen have...

... talked about revisiting the [One-Eye] character from ‘Valhalla Rising’ again to kind of complete… because there’s a similarity between ‘Valhalla Rising,’ ‘Drive’ and ‘Only God Forgives.’ But in a way I had this idea of Mads Mikklesen to go back to the origins of this character. But make the movie in Tokyo.”

Not willing to go much further than that (as in, how can the One Eye character A) be in a sequel and B) a Tokyo-set sequel), Refn simply stated the film will be "about the future."

Are we talking some CLOUD ATLAS type shit, or what?

Remains to be seen, I guess. Refn is currently making a "Barbarella" miniseries, so that will take up his time for the foreseeable future. While you wait, you should definitely give VALHALLA RISING a peek if you haven't yet; it's a surreal, violent and nightmarish experience. Can't wait to see One Eye battle some Yakuza!

Extra Tidbit: Are you down for a VALHALLA RISING sequel?
Source: Indiewire



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