Noah Hawley completes script for standalone Doctor Doom flick

One of my favorite comics out there that no one has gotten right yet is THE FANTASTIC FOUR. And one of the best villains out there that no one has gotten right yet is Doctor Doom. But it looked for a while there that someone of true talent was giving it a try in the form of FX's FARGO writer-creator Noah Hawley. Hawley is currently working on the fourth season of Fargo starring Chris Rock as well as the third and final season of FX’s Legion.

But where does DOCTOR DOOM fit in?

Hawley's DOCTOR DOOM movie was first announced in 2017 at Comic-Con but we've heard next to nothing about it since. Well, that all changes today as Hawley was at SXSW this week and talked a bit about the movie and were it currently stands. Turns out that the script is finished so that's good. But now Disney's impending takeover of Fox has put it on hold. That's not so good. And on top of that whole mess, evidently, Hawley has met with Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige but has not heard back from the man since he read the script. Bummer again. 

Hawley says:

I would love to make it. Marvel, they’ve got a 25,000-year plan. I just don’t know if I fit into there. So I’m trying to figure out where else I can do it. If they’re not going to make it, I’m going to make it somewhere. I’d like to make it with them.

As for details about the movie, Hawley's script 

would take place in Doctor Doom’s country of Latveria and be a “kind of Cold War, geopolitical movie.” After 10 years of mostly isolation, Doom would invite a female journalist to go in and share Doom’s message to the world.

For those few people out there that might not be familiar, Doctor Doom is "a scientific genius and the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four. Known for his signature look of an iron mask and a green cloak, he has a multitude of powers including sorcery, mind transferal, superhuman strength, and near-indestructibility as well as energy projection and absorption." Julian McMahon played Doom in Tim Story's 2005 FANTASTIC FOUR flick and its sequel, RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, and Toby Kebbell (DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES) played Doom in Josh Trank's 2015 version.

We'll let you know when we hear more on this potential DOCTOR DOOM movie. 

Source: Deadline



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