Original Predator getting 3D Blu-ray treatment; no new film coming

There goes all the excitement! In case you missed it, earlier today we hit you guys with the news that the official PREDATORS Facebook page released a teaser image with the caption "Something is Coming. #HuntThePredator" in anticipation for its Comic-Con showing. While we so desperately wanted this to be a teaser for a new film, it turns out that it's just for the upcoming 3D PREDATOR Blu-ray. Bummer. Read on for more details.

Hero Complex got word on just what to expect from PREDATOR at this year's Comic-Con writing, "To mark the 3-D Blu-ray release of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring “Predator,” Fox is dedicating a jungle-themed booth to the film and its iconic extra-terrestrial. “Predator” fans will be able to purchase custom-designed mini-figurines featuring their likeness. Because what fan wouldn’t want to see his or her own decapitated head, spine still attached, being held up by a Predator? The action figures will be created using photographs of participants (taken at the booth) and 3-D printing. The figurines will be mailed to buyers after the convention. The booth will also feature a Comic-Con exclusive “Predator 3D” head as well as the opportunity to pre-order the Blu-ray."

Sounds like Fox is going to have a pretty cool set-up for the PREDATOR booth at Comic-Con but it's certainly not what we were all hoping it would be.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys disappointed by this news?
Source: Hero Complex



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