Is a new Predator movie about to be teased at San Diego Comic-Con?

Looks like we might be seeing those ugly motherf*ckers once again...

The official Facebook page for 2010's PREDATORS was recently updated with the image you see below, which contains a famous quote from the 1987 John McTiernan film. Accompanying it was the caption "Something is Coming. #HuntThePredator"

This could be a tease for a video game or comic, but it could also be a new movie, possibly produced by Robert Rodriguez. While the first PREDATORS didn't set the world on fire, it made $127 million off of a budget of only $40 million, with another $21 million coming from DVD/Blu-ray sales. Back in July 2010, right after the film came out, Rodriguez said that 20th Century Fox was interested in developing a sequel, which would expand the world of the one set up in PREDATORS. Of course, we haven't heard much on that since...

We'll keep an eye out for PREDATORS at Comic-Con next week, folks.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think this is prepping us for? Movie? Video game?
Source: Facebook



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