Paul T. Taylor is Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgment

After playing the iconic Cenobite Pinhead in eight films, Doug Bradley decided not to return for 2011's HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS. That didn't stop the filmmakers from including Pinhead in the movie, though. Stephan Smith Collins was the actor chosen to replace Bradley under the pins, and the horror community didn't exactly welcome him with open arms. As previously reported, Bradley has also opted not to take part in the HELLRAISER sequel that is currently filming in Oklahoma, HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT. Despite the lack of Bradley, Pinhead will still be in JUDGMENT, and he's not being played by Stephan Smith Collins, either.

Speaking to Fangoria recently, writer/director Gary Tunnicliffe (who also wrote REVELATIONS and has been doing makeup FX on HELLRAISER films since HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH) said that the actor who had been cast to play Pinhead is "a classically trained stage and film actor who brings a great physical presence and more than a hint of Peter Cushing and Ralph Fiennes."

Now, thanks to Bloody-Disgusting, we know who that actor is: Paul T. Taylor. Taylor's credits include SIN CITY and SUPER, and his reel can be seen below.

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT tells the story of 

a police officer’s pursuit of a serial killer who undergoes a final accounting of his soul by creatures of the underworld.

Joining Taylor in the cast are Damon Carney as Detective Sean Carter, Randy Wayne as Detective David Carter, Alexandra Harris as Detective Christine Egerton, Jeff Fenter as Karl Watkins, Helena Grace Donald as Jophiel, Grace Montie as socialite Crystal Lanning, FEAST / PIRANHA 3DD director John Gulager as The Assessor, Diane Goldner as The Cleaner, Andi Powers as a member of a hellish jury, Mike Jay Regan as Chatterer (Regan has worked on six previous HELLRAISER movies and played Cenobites in four of them), and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET's Heather Langenkamp as a foul-mouthed landlady.

To learn more about some of these characters, check out the casting breakdown that we shared last week.

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