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Sin City(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller and Quentin Tarantino

Mickey Rourke/Marv
Jessica Alba/Nancy
Jaime King/Goldie/Wendy
Bruce Willis/Hartigan
8 10
Hop on the "Sin City" rocket (based on Frank Miller’s graphic novels of the same name) as it takes you within the bleak depths of a morally challenged comic book city to follow characters who seek love, justice, redemption and my favorite…COLD BLOODED REVENGE! Hold on to your 45’s; its going to be a pulverizing ride!

There is no settling down! This is blood for blood and by the gallons. This is the old days, the bad days, the all or nothing days. They're back! — Marv

Thank Zeus’ harem that there are still filmmakers in the assembly line jungle that is Hollywood that make real films. By real I mean: movies that dare to think outside the box, that aren’t put together via a fixed recipe and that sport a “take no prisoner” attitude. You know freaking FILMS as opposed to pure products. 2005 has been a ho-hum year thus far in terms of big pictures achieving more than the McGarbage status, but leave it to Robert Rodriguez and his posse to turn the tide and give us something fresh…something unique…something worth remembering past the closing credits. I had never read Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novels on which this cinematic bully is based on, but you can bet your girlfriend’s sister’s virginity that I’ll now hunt them hush-puppies downs pronto.

Sin City was a ground-breaking and utterly brilliant effort, one that took the term “comic book adaptation” to a whole new “slam-tastic” level. Since Rebel without a Crew, Rodriguez used many of Miller’s comic book panels as storyboards to then emulate them in his flick to a “T”; it resulted in a jaw dropping visual experience that oozed of comic book-ness out of its every pore! I literally felt like I was reading a comic book while sitting in that stained and decrepit theatre seat. Only difference was that an invisible force was turning the pages for me. Not resolving itself to rest on its laurels with just that one trick, the kinetic directing style, the hypnotizing use of BNW & strategically applied colors (loved the red/white blood) and the overall entrancing Film Noir/Pulp feel also kicked in to crank the film’s veneer to “F*CK YEAH SHINY!” Now that was a stunning bitch to gawk at! I was totally sucked into the world of the movie and simply didn’t want to leave! Then again my life blows pea soup chunks…so why go back right?

Thankfully, the hits kept on coming through the “meat” between the buns as well! Sin City proudly displayed big bull dog balls via its hideous themes (cannibalism, rape, pedophilia), its slew of macho/likeable male characters and its loose, however strong dames. We get it all here; from a big psycho/softy lug that loves to crack heads in a bulldozer like fashion while constantly doubting his own sanity (Mickey Rourke as Marv stealing the show in my fav bit of the lot; The Long Goodbye) to an old timer cop who just won’t go down till the wrong things are set right (Bruce Willis at his affable best in That Yellow Bastard). And when it wasn’t the anti-heroes owning me hardcore, it was the chilling villains! We get some sick squirrels in this mayhem park with Elijah Wood as an oddball cannibalistic serial killer and Nick Stalh as a creature-feature pedophile definitely being the creepiest of them all. Wood in particular gave me the willies with extra Mayo on the side! Who knew that Frodo could ever be frightening beyond his stalker like obsession with Sam? Top all of that quality with excessive gore, tough/street poetic and at times side splitting dialogue and a couple of neato plot twists that whip lashed my silly mug 69 fold and you get a superior, crowd pleasing fanboy dish that begs for seconds!

I did have a couple of peeves with this City though with its narrative structure being the main one. All of the stories felt separate from each other even though they overlapped in one place near the end. In my opinion, the whole would’ve been stronger if it would've flowed as “one” instead of being served up in blocks. Furthermore the wrap around tale with Josh Hartnett (named The Customer is Always Right) was overkill and went on to give us one ending too many. Lastly, although I still got lots of side-kicks out of it; the middle account (called The Big Fat Kill) paled in comparison to the previous jamboree (Marv slaughtering the scenery). Since Marv’s opus was fast and furious; having the longest and most underdeveloped (the characters in this block didn't do much for me) of all the segments follow right after made it feel even longer winded than it already was. Don’t get me wrong; the bit had all kinds of slick moments within it and I still boogied with it but in my book, a couple of snip-snips in the name of keeping the pace smooth would have been a wise choice.

On the whole though; Sin City was an Arrow pleaser; I was grinning from ear to ear 90% of the time; often back handed by the unique aura, the outlandish stories and the endearing anti-heroes. It should be said that as a HUGE Mickey Rourke fan; it was a delight to witness the big man do his thing full force on the screen. Tough, violent yet highly charismatic and somewhat romantic in a twisted way...MICK RULED THE FILM! Contact your Travel Agent right away; pack your rubber tiring, gas, saw, gloves, cuffs, razor wire, hatchet, Gladys and mitts and get ready for one hell of an insane vacation in Sin City…my kind of neighborhood!

I’d have to be a genius to remember all of the gore in this film. Since I’m dumb as nails, I’ll say this: ripped off balls, severed head, arrow in the gut/head, white blood/red blood, a limbless torso, stabbings, a face mashing beating and hope that you’ll get the idea. Yup, this flick was MUCHO gruesome and I loved every damn second of it!
Talk about a large cast! Here we go! Mickey Rourke (Marv) was the highlight of the film for me where he conveyed a raw, brutal energy combined with his “old school” Rourke charisma to result in a captivating show. Mick is back 100% with this performance and if the world is a fair place, this movie should finalize his comeback process! Jessica Alba (Nancy) was okay as the young stripper and has to be one of the hottest broads on the planet. Jaime King (Goldie/Wendy) had the sizzling looks and the chops for her dual roles.

Bruce Willis (Hartigan) was at his “The Last Boy Scout/Die Hard” best here in terms of rugged charm. No slumming on this round! Aoki (Miho) clammed up and sliced & diced people…I bought it! Michael Clarke Duncan (Manute) did what he had to do. Nothing memorable. Carla Gugino (Lucille) in the nude overshadowed Carla Gugino’s acting. Wow! Baby looked good! Rosario Dawson (Gail) took a large bite out of her sexy/deadly role and came out a winner. Even with the makeup Benicio Del Toro (Jack) was as kool as ever. The man rules! Michael Madsen (Bob) didn’t sell me on his part; felt like he was throwing it away in places.

Brittany Murphy (Shellie) did her bug eyed; I might be on cocaine thing…again. EASY GIRL! PIPE IT DOWN! Clive Owen (Dwight) was captivating as the lover with the most. Yup I can see him being the next James Bond! He’s got it! Nick Stahl (Yellow Bastard) was dead on as per usual; in his intense part while Elijah Wood (Kevin) was freaky as shite as the peculiar baddie.
T & A
Female flesh was on the menu and I ordered every damn plate! Lets see, Carla Gugino fully naked (nice rack hun), Rosario Dawson in see through clothes, Jessica Alba in skimpy garb, Jaimee King going topless, strippers in thongs left and right...I LOVE YOU RODRIGEZ! The ladies get the hunk trio Willis-Rourke-Owen looking like the men's men that they are.
Robert Rodrigez is in my opinion one of the top “stylists” on the block, when it comes to making a flick come out uber slick. Here he topped himself by having this comic book adaptation come to “out of the screen”. He bravely went straight to the source (the comic) and build smartly off it. Crazy shots, wild angles, atmosphere galore and tight cutting for maximum effect also contributed to this bullet’s arresting look. Countless “Cervesa” for Bobby!
The pulpy, bluesy and rock inclined score fit the film like a “Michael Jackson serving Jesus Juice” glove. Bang on!
Sin City lived up to the incessant hype that’s been pounding my skull for the last couple of months. Visually arresting, thematically nasty, brilliantly cast; unapologetically violent, sexy as a stable of Playmates, rock em-sock em exciting and written with a razor blade pen; this bad boy kicked some serious f”ucking ass! Sure I wasn’t 100% on the narrative structure at hand and the middle section could’ve been tighter but on the whole this bitter, helium filled and LSD inspired comic trip was an orgasmic experience to sit through. I’m looking forward in breaking some legs and snapping them necks when hitting this sinning city again upon its opening! THANK YOU RODRIGEZ & CIE and LONG LIVE THE ROURKE!
Powers Boothe, Josh Hartnett, Mary Shelton and Rutger Hauer all have small roles in the film.

Rodrigez pitch to convince Frank Miller to let him make Sin City consisted of him shooting "The Customer is Always Right" on his own dime. Once Miller saw the short (which also appears in the finished film); he was sold.

Rodriguez had to quit the DGA to have Frank Miller credited as co-director on the film. The DWA doesn’t allow two director credits on one film.

The film was completely done "digitally" with all of the actors being shot in front of green screen to have the backgrounds added in post-production).