Jessica Alba joins the Netflix ranks in the action-thriller Trigger Warning

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

After the tremendous success of EXTRACTION, Netflix is doubling down on more action, and this time they've tapped Jessica Alba to lead their latest effort.

Alba is set to star in the action-thriller TRIGGER WARNING, directed by Mouly Surya with a script from Josh Olson and John Brancato. In the film, Alba plays a traumatized veteran who inherits her grandfather’s bar and is faced with a moral dilemma after discovering the truth behind his untimely death. Not only is Alba starring in the film but she will also executive produce the project.

According to "Variety", this could be a potential franchise starter for Alba which seems to be a growing trend at Netflix with high-profile stars leading their original films. Chris Hemsworth led the aforementioned EXTRACTION while Mark Wahlberg took the lead on SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL and will continue his working relationship with the streamer in OUR MAN FROM JERSEY. Blake Lively is eyeing her own franchise at Netflix with the recently announced post-apocalyptic thriller, DARK DAYS AT THE MAGNA CARTA, and the streamer also scored a big pick-up with the spousal superpowered action-comedy BALL AND CHAIN, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emly Blunt. It's not surprising that Netflix keeps banking on huge names to headline their projects since their original films have scored with viewers. EXTRACTION is the biggest debut for an original film on their platform while SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL earned that honor before the Chris Hemsworth film made its premiere

Jessica Alba has made an impressive impact on many facets of the industry. As an actress, she has appeared in SIN CITY, MACHETE, FANTASTIC FOUR & TV's Dark Angel. She's currently one of the stars on L.A.'s Finest, co-starring with Gabrielle Union. Along with Union, Alba serves as an executive producer on the BAD BOYS spinoff which is heading into its second season on Spectrum Originals’ this June. If she wasn't busy enough, Alba recently announced a Disney Plus documentary series with the working title Parents Without Borders, which she will host and executive produce and she's also the entrepreneur behind the billion-dollar Honest Company and Honest BeautyI'd say she has come a long way since IDLE HANDS.

Are YOU interested in TRIGGER WARNING? What are YOUR thoughts on Netflix banking on big stars for their original films?

Source: Variety

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