Peep the newest trailer for the hard-hitting cannibal romp Elfie Hopkins

How are you guys feeling about the UK cannibal flick ELFIE HOPKINS? From what we've seen the thing doesn't look half bad. Only problem is we haven't seen much from this one in the past year. Seriously folks... it's been nearly a year since our last update on ELFIE HOPKINS. What's the deal yo?!

Now I'm not sure what took so long but today we've finally got an update on this long-awaited treat. That update comes in the form of a brand new trailer for the flick courtesy of The Sun. No need to beat around the bush with this one, just scroll on down below for a look at the trailer!

Elfie Hopkins and The Gammons tells the story of a misfit stoner and pulp fiction aficionado Elfie Hopkins. She dreams of escaping the dreary rural village and hitting the big smoke for some action. But when a mysterious family moves in across the street Elfie soon realizes that the biggest and certainly bloodiest case of her life has just landed on her door step.

Starring Jamie Winstone, Ray Winstone, Rupert Evans, Kate Magowan, Aneurin Barnard, Steven Mackintosh and Kimberley Nixon, ELFIE HOPKINS is directed by Ryan Andrews. The flick is set to hit UK theaters on April 20, 2012. No telling if a US release will follow. So there you have it folks! What better way to spend 4/20 then watching Jaime Winstone kick some cannibal ass?!

Extra Tidbit: Jaime Winstone (above) is Ray Winstone's daughter.
Source: The Sun



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