Poster and synopsis for slasher Virginia Obscura

At the heart of most slasher films, there’s a bunch of sex-crazed teenagers getting drunk and wild, but what if a masked killer doesn’t crash the party? Instead what if, 20 years later, their darkest sins are suddenly exposed… and punished.

That's the set-up of VIRGINIA OBSCURA, which comes from first-time director Toby Osborne. Starring in the slasher are Matt Mitler (THE MUTILATOR), Ken Abraham (CREEPOZOIDS), Linnea Quigley (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), Jessica Cameron (SILENT NIGHT) and Christopher Marrone (ABRAHAM LINCOLN vs ZOMBIES).

That's right, baby. Linnea Quigley!

This is the story of a young woman’s embittered search for her birth father, after being conceived at one of those drunken parties. Her mother shamefully revealed the names of four men on her deathbed – these potential fathers awaken in a secluded farmhouse, kidnapped by the “daughter” they never knew existed.

Accused of being “deadbeat dads” by their volatile captor, while a pinhole of light allows a conflicted voyeur to spy on the troubling events inside the farmhouse; the twisted truth will finally be revealed in a showdown of DNA paternity test results, revelations and revenge!

Extra Tidbit: How is VIRGINIA OBSCURA treating you?



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