Ridley Scott says Prometheus 2 is 'getting away from gods and dragons'

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Little by little we are learning more about what we can expect from PROMETHEUS 2, but without an official synopsis we're gathering what little info we have from some of the people involved with the project. A few months ago director Ridley Scott shared that we should not expect to see any xenomorphs in the sequel, and a few weeks later PROMETHEUS star Noomi Rapace gave her thoughts as to what the new antagonists may be ("God, maybe? God or [the] Devil."). No one is really giving up the goods yet, but now Ridley Scott has offered a bit more insight into PROMETHEUS 2 in a recent interview, sharing that "it's fresh" and that the film will be...

“...getting away from gods and dragons and shit. If I see one more dragon I’m going to shoot myself. Stop the dragons.”

Rather than a dragon, Scott describes his original ALIEN as “the definitive dragon and he’s a motherf . . ker. The alien’s real which is why it’s probably one of the scariest monsters in film history.” No argument here. So with the above quote I suppose he's solidifying his earlier statement that we will not be seeing anything remotely resembling the Xenomorph from ALIEN. But we will certainly be seeing a badass new antagonist as Scott goes on to share...

"So with Prometheus 2 what I’m trying to do is reintroduce a fresher form of alien in the third act.”

This new alien menace promises to be very different, and I'm completely onboard with that. I'm sure Scott and company have a solid vision and will deliver something worthwhile with PROMETHEUS 2. While it was far from a perfect film, I still dug the first one and am curious as to what they're cooking up for the sequel.

GREEN LANTERN scribe Michael Green is working on the screenplay for PROMETHEUS 2, which is said to begin filming in late 2015 with a projected release date of March 4th, 2016.

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