Road thriller Ride, starring Bella Thorne, picked up by RLJE

Ride Bella Thorne Jeremy Ungar

Actress Bella Thorne is becoming quite a genre regular, it seems like I'm always writing about her being involved with a new horror or thriller project. Now here's another one - Thorne stars in the road thriller RIDE, the feature debut of writer/director Jeremy Ungar, which just got picked up for distribution in North America by RLJE Films and Urban Movie Channel.

A Unified Pictures production, RIDE also stars Jessie T. Usher and Will Brill. In the film, 

Usher portrays a rideshare driver and Thorne plays his passenger. When they pick up a charismatic but manipulative passenger (Brill), a night out in L.A. becomes a psychological war for survival.

RIDE is described by RLJE Films' chief acquisitions officer Mark Ward as "incredibly relevant to today's culture", and producer Keith Kjarval adds that the director

created a quintessential millennial thriller wrought with tension and fueled by our darkest fears related to the cultural phenomenon of ride-sharing."

Tyler Jackson and Sefton Fincham produced RIDE alongside Kjarval. Funding was provided by the Fyzz Facility and United Film Fund II. Robert Jones, Wayne Marc Godfrey, David Grace, Mike Rowe, Levi Sheck, and Dean Buchanan served as executive producers.

I'm always on board to check out a new road thriller, whether it's about psycho drivers or psycho passengers, so RIDE has my attention. RLJE will be releasing the film in theatres and on VOD and Digital HD this fall.

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Source: Variety



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