Rose McGowan hears The Sound of ghosts in the subway

The Sound Jenna Mattison Rose McGowan

From SCREAM and PHANTOMS to CONAN THE BARBARIAN and THE TELL-TALE HEART, Rose McGowan has had a prominent role in many a genre project over the years, and she has just added another one to her filmography with writer/director Jenna Mattison's THE SOUND.

That gun prosthetic leg McGowan sported in the PLANET TERROR segment of GRINDHOUSE wouldn't help her against the horrors she faces in this film, where she plays 

a writer on paranormal matters who believes low frequency tactile sound is the cause for reported ghost sightings in an abandoned subway station.

To debunk the sightings, she breaks into the station to record evidence and discovers a connection to the paranormal world.

McGowan is joined in the cast by Christopher Lloyd and Michael Eklund. 

Produced by North Hollywood Films, THE SOUND is currently in post-production. Spotlight Pictures is handling the international sales.

The film was originally going by the title LOWER BAY, but THE SOUND seems like a better title, despite being generic. Regardless of what it's called, Rose McGowan investigating ghosts in an abandoned subway sounds good to me.

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