Rumor: 2 Alien TV shows in the works, Ridley Scott producing one

Alien: Covenant Ridley Scott

The future of the ALIEN franchise seems to be kind of murky right now. Not only was ALIEN: COVENANT seen as enough of a disappointment that it derailed Ridley Scott's plans to make another film that would bridge the gap between his ALIEN prequels and the original film, but now 20th Century Fox is being acquired Disney and it's not clear what's going to happen with any Fox projects.

HN Entertainment has heard some promising rumors, though. According to them, there are two different live-action Alien television series in the works.

One of those potential shows seems to be a complete mystery right now, but HN hears that the other will have Ridley Scott on board as executive producer and is set up at Hulu - which happens to be owned by Disney. (Disney owned a 30% stake and Fox owned 30%, so now that Disney is acquiring Fox they will own 60% of Hulu.) So I could definitely see the franchise continuing on that streaming service.

All that HN was able to dig up about this Scott-produced Alien show is that it could be an anthology series, with

multiple seasons that could tackle different corners/eras of the franchise, not unlike Noah Hawley’s series Fargo. In theory, I could see them possibly filling gaps in the franchise or crafting brand new stories to tell within the Alien universe."

A show like that could be Scott's chance to finish his prequel story. Dedicate a season to showing us what happened between ALIEN: COVENANT and ALIEN, then we can move on from this prequel stuff. And maybe while that's happening, Neill Blomkamp's ALIENS sequel can make it to the big screen.

We'll keep you updated on whatever happens in the world of ALIEN now that the franchise is going to be owned by Disney.



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