Sean Gunn, Steve Agee added to James Gunn/Greg McLean's The Belko Experiment

The casting train for the James Gunn written and produced THE BELKO EXPERIMENT keeps on rolling, and Gunn has announced two more cast members for the thriller, which is about an

American company in South America that is mysteriously sealed off at the beginning of a workday, and its employees are ordered to kill each other or be killed themselves. This starts an escalation of violence, where we discover the true nature of each and every Belko employee.

The presence of the first newly announced cast member is about as surprising as the revelation that Gunn regular Michael Rooker would be in the film. Which is to say, not very. There was a good chance going into this that Gunn's brother Sean Gunn would be in there somewhere, and indeed he is. But don't let worries of nepotism cross your mind, Sean Gunn is a great actor, probably best known for his role as Kirk on more than a hundred episodes of GILMORE GIRLS. Here he'll be playing Marty Espenscheid, a stoner cafeteria worker who has his own ideas about who is behind Belko. 

Marty's best friend is Chet Valincourt, the character who will be played by the second newly announced cast member, comedian Steve Agee.

These are two solid additions to a cast that includes John Gallagher Jr., Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona, Melonie Diaz, John C. McGinley, Owain Yeoman, and the aforementioned Rooker.

Directed by Greg McLean (WOLF CREEK, ROGUE), THE BELKO EXPERIMENT is set to start filming in Bogota, Colombia in just a few days.

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