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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Greg Mclean

Radha Mitchell/Kate
Michael Vartan/Pete
Mia Wasikowska/Sherry
Sam Worthington/Neil
7 10
A wildlife cruise in the Aussie outback goes to the shitter when a giant Crocodile decides to crash the party and munch down on the tourists. Its up to Michael Vartan and his powerful 6 o clock shadow and Radah Mitchell and her sexy accent to save the day.

UPDATE: ROGUE is finally seeing a limited US theatrical release on Friday, the 25th of April, 2008.

Welcome to the Terrortory

I didn’t think that I ‘d get to see Greg Mclean's follow up to the excellent WOLF CREEK, ROGUE anytime soon being that the Weinsteins have been sitting on it for what feels like eons much like that trinket that was sitting on my face last night. But low and behold, that’s why I attend f*cking festivals. Got to finally catch this one this year and although it didn’t blow me away to another dimension as I thought it would have; it was still a groovy sit down none the less.

I guess a bowling trophy and a ping-pong medal goes to director McLean for creating the first, dead serious and camp-less giant killer crocodile movie (to my feeble knowledge anyways). This wasn't Alligator or Tobe Hooper’s Crocodile; this was a peeps trapped in a remote location but with a giant reptile wanting them for dinner. I respected ROGUE’s approach to its material. It took its time in establishing its eye popping environment, its “more layered than the norm” characters and its dire Croc goes the weasel situation. Once that was done, very well at that, the film then took me on a “suspense jamboree” that didn’t stop till the end credits kicked in. NICE! To make matters mucho better, the Croc itself looked astoundingly real (no Primeval CG embarrassment here) and the situations were all fairly credible, hence that upped the impact of the piece.

With that chewed off your dead corpse; I was disappointed in the low body-count of the picture. I mean why have so many “stamped victims” in the house if you’re not going to kill them…violently? Kind of defeats the purpose, much like me writing reviews when I can’t write. Moreover; further variety as to settings would’ve been swell too. Here we get action on a small island and action in a cave-that’s pretty much it. Why no action in the jungle? I kept craving it but it never went down. Lastly, suspension of disbelief had to be applied when it came to one character's "death" and then...well... "non death". I loathe it when movies pull that shit on me. More often than none it feels like a cop-out or a trite Studio imposed re-shoot. Not sure which one it was here, but one thing was for certain...BOOOO! 

All in all though; ROGUE was a very well shot, tension charged and surprisingly inventive little ditty. It should have gotten a theatrical, it deserved one in my useless opinion, but alas, looks like the Weinsteins are spitting this one out STD (no, not the kind you get when you don't wear a rubber). Bummer… but hey at least, you’ll get to FINALLY chow down on an above average Killer crock movie. Hasn’t happened to me since Alligator killed the screens. Bite me!
Not much surprisingly. We get chewed off fingers, mangled chest and quick glimpses of peeps being chewed by that humongous son of a Croc.
Well the whole cast rocked the Kasbah period... that needed to be spewed. Radha Mitchell (Kate) finally didn't have to cover up her Aussie accent and I relished in that. Cute and endearing performance. Michael Vartan (Pete) looked dashing and let his stubble gap the rest. All he needed. Mia Wasikowska (Sherry) and Sam Worthington (Neil) nailed their respective roles with charisma and focus lodged firmly in their back-packs.
T & A
The Croc was naked and had a long tail...does that count? IT DOES FOR ME!
Greg Mclean served up an evenly paced and maturely shot effort with all kinds of National Geography type of attention to the Australian wilderness. Moreover, he showcased a very strong handle on his tension laced set pieces which had me chewing my toe-nails, as opposed to clipping them. Also loved them jaw dropping aerial shots of the Outback. WOW! It's a place to hang a hat.
We get some Jungle type shite and a subdued score - it fit the film's bill, maybe too much chanting for my liking but hey, I lived with it, maybe you will too!
Compelling the whole way through with potent suspenseful bits spread about, ROGUE was a gorgeous and more layered than the norm killer Croc movie...with an awesome looking beastie at that! Granted, further "stalk" locations and a higher body-count would've greased my monkey thicker. And I could've gone without that one "sell out" move with one character's fate but hey this is what I got; and I dug what I got. When it hits DVD I suggest you pull this one by the tail, reel it in and call it your bitch for a day; worth your time, chump change and your Player's wear and tear.
The flick was of course shot in Australia.

The Croc's cave scenes were actualy shot on a set in in a warehouse in Maidstone, Melbourne Victoria Australia. WOW! Wouldn't have known! Great set!