Second teaser for Paranormal Activity 4 trailer brings more of the same

The other day we presented you with the gift of a teaser trailer for a trailer. Said trailer is for Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost's PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4. No, these don't make much sense to me either, but they're what's "in" now, and we're not going to deprive you of a single morsel of PARANORMAL promo material, so settle in.

Today we've got the second teaser for the trailer which, much like the first teaser for the trailer, just shows us about 5 seconds of footage from the old films; this time the second flick is highlighted. (Although there might be a snippet of new footage, but I couldn't tell you for sure.) Hopefully this is doing something for you, folks...

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 hits theaters on OCTOBER 19th. You can expect the full trailer to hit the net tomorrow, August 1st. (Or will it be the full teaser for the trailer?!)

Extra Tidbit: Are you pumped to experience the full trailer in a day?



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