See what happens when the lights burn out in this Stranger Things trailer

Stranger Things Netflix Winona Ryder

The new trailer for Netflix's Stranger Things is a haunting 80's throwback that looks genuinely decent. But you know what else it looks like? I might get in trouble for this comparison, but the suburban horror tale looks very Spielbergian, like E.T., Poltergeist, with maybe a little touch of James Wan thrown in. I can't wait to see how it turns out! Check out the trailer below...

Described as "a love letter to the '80s classics that captivated a generation," Stranger Things is:

Set in Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980's. It chronicles the search for a young boy who vanishes into thin air under highly suspicious circumstances. His mother opens an investigation into the boy's disappearance with local authorities that unravels a series of mysteries involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very strange little girl. 

The cast also includes Winona Ryder, Charlie Heaton, David Harbour, Matthew Modine, Millie Brown, Natalia Dyer, and Carla Buono.

Stranger Things makes its Netflix debut with an eight episode first season on July 15th.

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