Sharon Stone has a new collegiate stalker in Tony Kaye's thriller Attachment

Nice! Sharon Stone, well into her 50s, back in BASIC INSTINCT mode. Fan-f*cking-tastic!

Mild sarcasm aside, the lovely Mrs. Stone (pictured) has signed up to star in a new thriller called ATTACHMENT, which is being made by AMERICAN HISTORY X's Tony Kaye. W2 Media is producing, with plans to take the title to the European Film Market in Berlin (EFM) next week. If interest is drubbed, international sales will ensure the film enters production sooner rather than later.

With no specified writer, in ATTACHMENT Stone will play a married woman who has a one-night stand with a college student who returns to stalk her and her family.

A lot of leeway in that logline, but damn does it reek of a late-night guilty pleasure. I know BASIC INSTINCT was all but career suicide for Stone (with CATWOMAN), I can't front though, I'm all about these vengeful tales of adultery and domestic betrayal. And with Stone flexing her well defined cougar muscle...what the hell's not to love about that shite?

More on ATTACHMENT in due time...

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Sharon Stone performance? She kicks ass in CASINO!
Source: Deadline



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