Simon Pegg and Nick Frost producing horror comedy Slaughterhouse Rulez

Nick Frost Simon Pegg

The stars of SHAUN OF THE DEAD are getting back into the horror comedy game. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (who, in addition to SHAUN, also shared the screen in HOT FUZZ, THE WORLD'S END, PAUL, and the TV series Spaced, among other things) are forming a production company called Stolen Picture, and the first Stolen Picture production is set to be the action horror comedy SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ.

The film will be directed by Crispian Mills from a screenplay he wrote with Henry Fitzherbert. The story centers on 

Don Wallace, a lad from a modest background who must somehow navigate the tricky halls of Slaughterhouse, an elite boarding school where young men and women are groomed for power. With sadistic sixth formers enforcing tough rules and arcane rituals, status is strictly observed.

Until, that is, a controversial fracking operation on school grounds unearths an unspeakable horror and the pecking order must be put aside as pupils, teachers and the school matron face a bloody battle to survive.

Pegg starred in Mills' 2012 feature directorial debut A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING. He and Frost will not be starring in SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ, but might show up in it somewhere along the line. 

SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ will be distributed by Sony Pictures and is expected to go into production later this year.

A fan of both Pegg and Frost, both of whom first came to my attention through SHAUN OF THE DEAD, I'm excited to see the films that will result from the formation of their production company. They're getting things off to a perfect start by making a horror comedy; SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ sounds like it could be a fun time.

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