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The World's End(2013)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Edgar Wright

Simon Pegg/Gary
Martin Freeman/Oliver
Nick Frost/Andrew
Rosamund Pike/Sam
8 10
When he was a teenager Gary King (Simon Pegg) aka The King was the tits in high school and had his whole life ahead of him. Alas, things went wrong for the lad i.e. booze and drugs. Now all growz up he re-assembles the old crew (4 dudes) and they head back to their childhood neighborhood to finish something they had started. An epic Pub crawl, 12 Pubs in all,which ends at the World's End Pub! Thing is, something is amiss in town, sinister elements are afoot. WIll The King and his boys complete the crawl in spite of this crazy threat?! Bottom's up!
THE WORLD'S END is the last part of Edgar Wright's "Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy� as they call it, which started with the great SHAUN OF THE DEAD, continued with the groovy HOT FUZZ and now that caps off with THE WORLD'S END. Personally, I hope it's not the end of this phase in Mr. Wright's career. I want more! Fingers and balls crossed! So I went into THE WORLD'S END with sky high hopes as to it owning my world and that was pretty much what I got! My world... owned!

As opposed to SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ which mucho referenced other films (specific zombie flicks and buddy cop movies), THE WORLD'S END played it pretty straightforward within its own warped reality, it actually reminded me of TRAINSPOTTING (in terms of the energy behind it, the insane camera work, inventive editing and the way the characters were handled) meets INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Although the flick pooled some of its ideas from previous Sci -Fi flicks, the bulk of it came off as unique all the same due to Wright's earnest, bold and rock and roll attitude when it comes to telling a story. Actually, as I was clocking this one, this thought popped in my noggin a couple of times �Man it's cool to watch a movie that is for the most part original, is not a remake, not a reboot and not a sequel, but somebody's novel creation splashed on the screen." I was so getting off on that!

The strengths of THE WORLD'S END started with the colorful and endearing characters, the often hilarious dialogue ping-pong (puns, misunderstandings, double ententes, we're talking comedic genius over here), the side splitting physical comedy (All about The King trying to sip that beer while in a bra brawl... simply amazing!) and the organic chemistry all of the five male leads had with each other. Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine, and Nick Frost (who played it against type for a bit until he became a rage filled version of Frank the Tank) all shared a genuine vibe together and with lead Simon Pegg in the center of it all, I believed that these guys were old mates and I relished hanging out with them. I'm sure that all kinds of improvisation went down on set. It was just so f*cking �on� with this lot! The repartee, the comedic timing they, the honest affection they obvioulsy had for each other... it was all there and top notcht! But this was Simon Pegg's show through and through in my opinion, and he has outdone himself here with his �on the ball�, affable yet love to hate, hate to love persona. Sometimes he was cool as shit to me (loved them facial ticks), other times I somewhat pitied him, but all of the time, I loved and related to him. I HIGHLY respected the fact that he wouldn't let the Pub crawl go even after the shit hit the shit and went to shit! A man from my own heart!

The dude even came with some random heart tugging moments, that brought an inch of liquid to my jaded and cynical retinas. No small feat! I didn't see that coming at all! But it happened none the less. Kudos to the razor writing and the stellar performances for that! Yup, amidst the yuck-yucks and the Sci-Fi tomfoolery, there were real chacaters, drama and situations at play here too. Talk about puling off quite the juggling act!  So with all that meat in place, Edgar Wright had all the room in the world to have a blast and a bast he had! Be it via his totally out there imagery, the bad ass soundtrack which was filled with engaging songs or by way of the whacky Sci Fi elements... Wright went all out! The outstanding fight scenes, the gnarly special effects and the insane circumstances our lads found themselves in were the whip cream on top of the hooker's peach. Dig in!

Add to all the inclusion of the lovely Rosamund Pike as a semi love interest (we so needed some estrogen in this sausage fest, so thanks for that) and a swell cameo popping up to class up the joint and you get a flick that acted as a full meal! Any qualms? Some but very minor. The chain of events (hit Pub, drink beer, get attacked, run) got semi redundant after a while. I wished they would have tossed a couple more curve balls during them bits. And was it me or was one "surprise turn" not a surprise at all? Not sure if it was meant to be one or not. Saw it coming whores away though. Moreover, one CG monster was a tad underused. And lastly, I'm still not 100% on the ending. As I was watching the wrap-up, it kind of, and I say kind of, didn't fuly do it for me, but afterwards, the more I thought about it, the more I dug it, I even saw a sequel stemming from it, so go figure! Talk to me in a week!

All in all, THE WORLD'S END was the Donkey's ass! And I mean that in a good way.  I had such a wonderful sit down with it!  Let me put this way, the movie was already a party movie before the sucker punch Sci-Fi horror stuff crashed in, but once it did, it became a party movie on acid i.e. FUN F*CKING TIMES! I said this before but I will say it again; 2013 is a SOLID year for movies for me so far. Just this summer alone I got MAN OF STEEL, PACIFIC RIM, ONLY GOD FORGIVES, THE CONJURING, CURSE OF CHUCKY, ELYSIUM and now this mothertrucker! I feel celluloid blessed! Keep the quality inclined films coming movie Gods! They make my job much easier! This pint is for yall! CHEERS!
We get other worldly beings being decapitated and beat the f*ck up with their own ripped off limbs. We also get a ripped off phony heart, some head smashing and lots of blue blood!
T & A
Nothing overt but them young hotties in schoolgirl uniforms licking their lips and shit did not go unnoticed by this horn dog.
It's about BEER! You can't go wrong! THE WORLD'S END did it all and with steroids in its veins at that! The best compliment I could give it is that it still would have worked without the Sci-Fi and horror elements tossed in there. It was that good! As is, the ride gave me a sick premise, armed it with speed inclined camera work, giggle loaded dialogue, intense fights sequences, bang on performances (This was Pegg's best show to date IMO), tight special effects, funny sights gags, a dope soundtrack (yes I used the word dope, all I got today) and even some genuine drama seeping in there to tug at that black dead rock I have called a heart. Sure the chain of events repeated itself a tad too much for my liking, one CG entity was underused and the ending left me uncertain at first but then warmed up to me with some distance, but all in all THE WORLD'S END was an ideal Saturday night viewing! See it with a buzz and some buds, then get loaded and have your own Pub crawl! Who knows what cap-off you'll find at the end of that golden rainbow! I so see an ARMY OF DARKNESS like sequel following this one, but hey that's just me! We'll see...!
Simon Pegg also so wrote the screenplay with Edgar Wright.

The film's poster is a reworking of the (End of the World 1977) poster.