Simon Pegg names his favorite Cornetto trilogy film

A decade after the conclusion of the beloved Cornetto trilogy, star Simon Pegg has named The World’s End as his favorite of the lot.

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It’s been 10 years since Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg concluded their beloved Cornetto trilogy, which began with 2004’s zom-com Shaun of the Dead, passed through with buddy cop comedy Hot Fuzz and ended it, appropriately enough, with an apocalyptic pub crawl in The World’s End. And while we have our favorite flavors (I’ll take strawberry, as I’ve got red on me), star and co-writer Pegg has chimed in with his…

Speaking with Discussing Film, Pegg had a seemingly easy choice, saying, “You know, my favorite of the Cornetto trilogy is The World’s End because it’s the least audience friendly. It’s the darkest of the three. It’s the most challenging, and I love the idea of actually putting the audience in a position where they have to feel a little bit uncomfortable and not necessarily cozy into the familiar…” For what it’s worth, a poll from 2021 put Shaun of the Dead as the best of any Edgar Wright movie.

But don’t expect the Cornetto trilogy to turn into the Cornetto quadrilogy, as Pegg and Wright have no intentions of expanding in that sense. “At the risk of disappointing people, we get a lot of requests to ‘sequalize’ all three of those movies. I feel like it’s a lazy impulse for people to embrace familiarity and just accept the same thing again. I’m very flattered by it, and it’s never anything but edifying to have people say, ‘Oh, we would love to see more.’ I get that! But what we really need is new stuff. We need new ideas. We need to be challenged.” Oh come on, Simon, there’s got to be some challenge in that debunked Shaun of the Dead sequel!

Although the trio of Wright, Pegg and Nick Frost haven’t worked together since the Cornetto trilogy – also referred to as Three Flavours Cornetto or the Blood and Ice Cream trilgoy – their partnership goes back to Spaced, with Pegg and Frost co-starring in 2011 for Paul, directed by Greg Mottola. But it’s not like the gang is on the street without their ice cream cones: Wright’s Baby Driver was championed all around, Pegg is riding the Mission: Impossible wave and Frost has proven to be a reliable voice actor.

How would you rank the Cornetto trilogy? Would you want to see the gang do a fourth movie? Let us know!

Source: Discussing Film

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