Snoop Dogg producing horror anthology The Thrill

Snoop Dogg Bones

Rapper Snoop Dogg has racked up an extensive list of acting credits over the last twenty-five years, including playing the title character Jimmy Bones in the 2001 horror film BONES and hosting the 2006 anthology feature HOOD OF HORROR. Snoop is now teaming up with the recently formed production entity Dark Circus to venture into the horror genre again, this time producing an anthology series called The Thrill.

The Thrill will revolve around 

a mysterious hotel, The Last Stop Inn, situated on a lonely stretch of foreboding highway, where the unlucky guests who check in each week struggle to understand the supernatural events that unfold during their stay.

HBO has an anthology with a similar set-up, Room 104, but that one switches up genres depending on who the guests in that hotel room are. The Thrill is being developed specifically as a horror show.

The Thrill is the first project for Dark Circus, which was recently launched by producer Deon Taylor and his Hidden Empire Film Group with the intention of producing comedy and horror film and television content for an urban audience.

Taylor had this to say about his company's plans: 

We have the resources and market expertise to deliver branded content with a unique voice — one that speaks to an urban audience. I won’t say that this market is underserved, as there are a great deal of films still finding their way to the marketplace. However, our intention is to raise the bar with Dark Circus and create an enduring brand. Partnering with Snoop on this first anthology series will have us coming out of the gates strong, and we couldn’t be more excited."

It's always good to have companies focused on making horror projects, and a Snoop Dogg-produced anthology is an interesting way to get Dark Circus started. I look forward to hearing more about The Thrill.

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